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As home cold remedies and chili recipes go, so goes hunting. That is, everyone has a favorite way to do it. This presentation shows the way I like to prepare deer meat from shooting it, to butchering it, to cooking it. There may be better ways, but since I am the world's foremost expert on my opinion, I choose to do it this way.
I started butchering my own deer in the mid 1980's when I lived in Wisconsin. Since then, I've done over thirty animals. I didn't like the way some of the meat shops operated. They mixed other hunters' venison with mine. Sometimes the meat was of poor quality because the animal was gut-shot or because the hunter didn't know how to field dress his animal. Sometimes, the meat was spoiled because it was too warm for too long. Also, meat shops don't have the time to be as meticulous as I would prefer. They have hundreds of animals to process and sometimes they leave blood clots, hair, mesentery, etc. on the meat and in the burger. You can find deer processors who do good work, it's just that they may not make the cuts exactly as you want them, or wrap the meat as thoroughly as it should be.  Some, maybe most, are pretty expensive.  These and other problems lead to venison with a strong, pungent, (wild) taste. This is unnecessary and easy to avoid. Many people don't like venison because of the "wild" taste. If your deer is properly killed, field dressed, aged, butchered and cooked, you will have a steak or roast that is to die for. If your family or guests don't like such venison, they don't like meat.
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